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Peter's Violin Shop

I select only the finest violins from the garden for my customers!
ROLLAND STRINGS has been a dedicated small violin shop where the emphasis is on service, in business since 1983.

I specialize in a good selection of quality full size violins for advancing students.  I have imported many of them directly from makers in China, including some that I have hand-picked in China at a maker's showroom.  I offer them at a surprisingly low price for the quality.

I also have 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 size violins as well as a few violas and cellos in stock. 

Schools may contact me regarding procurement on a cost plus basis.
I have a rental program, and do minor repairs for my students, friends, professionals and some referrals.  I am not open to the public as a general repair facility, but feel free to email me with questions.

The shop is open by appointment only.  Please contact me at peterrolland@cox.net for an appointment.
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