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If you have additional questions, please contact us by telephone (602-618-6285 anytime or 480-969-9744 before June 1) or email (rfc@peterrolland.com).


Is this camp for children or adults?
Group classes are geared to an adult attention span, but we welcome students of any age as long as they want to learn the music and can stay focused during the classes.  Instruction is offered at levels ranging from beginners to professionals. 

What about carpooling?
If you are interested in sharing a ride to camp, let us know and we’ll put you in contact with any others from your area that are also interested in carpooling.


How early can I arrive?
That's up to you.  This area is a vacation destination; come early and stay late if you like.

What's the weather like?

It's likely to be

·      Chilly in the early morning 45-ish degrees Fahrenheit

·      Pleasant in the day (65-80 degrees Fahrenheit) with good chance of short rains in the afternoon

·      Cool nights. 

·      Bring long pants, a light jacket, sweat shirt, raincoat or poncho and a hat


What if I have a problem with the altitude?

Westcliffe elevation is just under 8000 feet.  Some visitors to the area experience a mild form of altitude illness until their bodies adjust to the altitude.  Common symptoms include headache, shortness of breath, fatigue and dry throat.  To minimize the effect of altitude, you can:

·      Arrive rested and get a good night's sleep when you arrive

·      Avoid strenuous exercise and salty foods when you first arrive

·      If you come from low elevation, spending a night in Colorado Springs, Cañon City, Florence or Pueblo would allow your body more time to adjust to the change in altitude.

·      Drink plenty of water before you arrive and during your stay to prevent dehydration.


What should I bring to camp?  Here are our suggestions; adjust what you bring to suit yourself.

·      Your primary instrument

·      We encourage you to bring a secondary instrument if you would like to (not required)

·      Tuner and music stand (both optional but strongly recommended)

·      Extra strings, rosin, picks, etc.

·      Recording device, extra batteries, tapes, etc; plan on recording lessons, concerts, classes & workshops for later study

·      A notebook to keep music organized (plastic sleeves are great at protecting loose sheets)

·      Pen, pencils & eraser

·      Extension cord

·      Camera a/o video recorder

·      Enough clothes for the week

·      Long pants, a light jacket, sweat shirt, raincoat or poncho, an umbrella if you like, and a hat

·      Comfortable walking shoes; if you hike in the mountains, shoes with ankle support are advisable since the natural terrain is rough and rocky

·      Shoes suitable for dancing in

·      Toiletries and personal items (nothing is available for purchase at camp unless you drive to town)

·      Anti-nausea pills like Dramamine

·      Sunscreen with SPF of 15 or higher (the sun is more intense at high altitude!)

·      Earplugs (in case you want to sleep with jamming all around)

·      Insect repellent

·      Personal first aid kit

·      Flashlights

·      A day pack & water bottle if you plan on doing any hiking

·      Swimming suit

Where can I buy personal items while at camp?

Westcliffe and it's neighbor to the immediate east, Silver Cliff, are small communities with a combined year-round population of about 1000, but they offer most services that you will need during camp. There is a supermarket, Ace Hardware, a bank, a Wells Fargo ATM, Custer County Medical Clinic, swimming and exercise facility, churches, butcher shop, bowling alley, movie and fine arts theater, library with public access computers, art galleries, local newspaper, a great local radio station KLZR (97.1FM), gas stations, auto repair facilities, Chamber of Commerce, County Courthouse, Sheriff's office, several restaurants and tourist shops and a variety of other commercial establishments.  The neighboring community of Silver Cliff has 4 restaurants,  museum, recommended auto repair facility, and restaurants. 


Is Wi-Fi available at camp?

There is free Wi-Fi at the library and other hot spots around town including downtown Main Street.  

Is there a medical facility?

Routine medical care is provided at the Custer County Medical Clinic, 719-783-2380.  The hours are Mon-Fri- 8:30 am - 5 pm and Sat- 9:00 am-12:00 pm.  For after hours care, call 719-783-2270, and for emergencies dial 911.  For major medical problems, Pueblo is a large population center less than 90 minutes drive from camp.


Is there a camping facility or RV hookup available?

Yes, see the lodging page of this website for details.


Do you have rental instruments available?

If you prefer not to travel with your fiddle, you can arrange to rent one of ours.  You must schedule it in advance.  There will be only enough for campers who have requested them prior to camp, and we can only make a small number available due to space limitations in our vehicle.  Contact us with your request as soon as possible.


What if my instrument needs repair during camp?

I will bring an emergency repair kit to handle minor emergencies and maintenance issues during camp.  I own a violin shop and have repair skills.  Students should expect to pay repair shop rates for repairs.  I strongly recommend that you bring your own spare strings.


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